Connect 4 Insight is a strategic marketing consultancy that decodes unstructured data, deriving practical insights to better understand how to serve who you serve.


Understanding Context


Retirement Market Analysis

Market, competitive, trend analysis, and journey exploration for a continuing care retirement community

Patient Engagement

A digital qualitative study with female healthcare decision makers

Retail Workshop

Interactive mini-workshop delivered during Detroit StartUp Week 2018 


“The complex connections between ideas are often where the most beautiful bits of knowledge reside.”

James Clear


Services I Provide


Clarify your purpose, focus your tactics, and market with intention

Improve your understanding to better serve your communities

Gain foresight into the forces impacting your market

Learn and apply techniques to support your marketing strategy

Accessible Frameworks To Inspire Confident Decisions 

Essential data to inform our choices are all around us. Unstructured data are available via keen observation of and in conversation with the communities we serve. It's harnessed via ethical sourcing of non-propriety online information and trend immersion. Data-driven decisions can provide essential clarity of focus and prioritization, powering intentional marketing

I think of myself as a cross between Russell Crow in Beautiful Mind and Melanie Griffith in Working Girl. Despite an array of seemingly disparate career influences,  I spent the last 20 years looking for and making connections. My superpower lies in my ability to synthesize huge amounts of unstructured data that bring context, nuance, and strategic importance to business challenges. 

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Mary is a smart & data-savvy researcher, brand visionary, and marketing pro, among many other skills. We're so lucky to have worked with her this year. 

- Laura Eagin


 I share... 

...lessons I've learned working for companies like these in industries like consumer electronics, data security, enterprise software development, financial services & banking, grocery, healthcare, insurance, medical device manufacturing, and retail: 

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